TCPAA:  Tucson Colored Pencil Artists Association

COLORED PENCIL is growing in popularity because it is convenient, portable, safe, low-tech, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use.
More colors, types, and brands of professional, lightfast, artist-quality colored pencils are available now than ever before, and options have also expanded for papers and blending techniques.
Formerly associated only with coloring books and simple graphic art, colored pencil is now a unique fine art form that is both "drawing" and "painting" since techniques from both disciplines are used. 
It is a slow, contemplative medium in which images are gradually built up in thin layers of color, resulting in exquisite detail and luminous light effects.

TCPAA is an informal nonprofit group whose mission is to promote colored pencil as a fine art medium.
We use a wide variety of materials, techniques, styles, and subjects to create beautiful colored pencil art. 
Our members include beginners, hobbyists, professional artists, and award-winning, nationally-recognized colored pencil artists and teachers.
Many of our members are also artists in other media such as watercolor, pastel, ink, and graphite, as well as metalwork, clay, and fiber arts.
CPSA:  To learn more about colored pencil as a fine art medium, visit the Colored Pencil Society of America website.  Several TCPAA members are also members of the CPSA.

WEEKLY DRAWING SESSIONS are FREE and open to the public.  Members work on projects, exchange ideas and techniques, socialize, and inspire each other's work. 
We meet every Tuesday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Community Room, Tucson Ward 6 City Council Office, 3202 E. 1st St. (SE of Speedway and Country Club).
Our room has chairs and sturdy flat folding tables, ample natural and artificial light, and electrical outlets for artists who wish to bring their own drawing boards, portable lights, projectors, etc.

WORKSHOPS: We do not offer formal instruction at our weekly drawing sessions. TCPAA sponsors colored pencil workshops twice a year for a fee.
Our instructors are nationally-recognized colored pencil teachers and authors.  Weekly drawing session attendees are given advance opportunities to sign up for workshops.
Subjects vary depending on the interests of our members.  Past workshops have included portraits, textures, mylar, black paper, and many others.

TCPAA NEWSLETTER:  Published six times a year with details about our events, opportunities, member accomplishments, and drawing tips.
To receive the next newsletter or submit a news item, attend a drawing session or e-mail the Editor, Lorena Moore:

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